Sol Occiano

Sol Occiano
29 Years Old, Cosplay Photographer
Weight Change – 213 lbs to 186 lbs

As The Architect PH’s Anniversary draws closer this coming April 6, we will be¬†showcasing a bunch of good news and announcements in the coming weeks! Of course, transformation stories will always be part of this and so stay tuned as we feature more people to serve as your daily fitspirations!

When Sol started the plan, he wasn’t exactly what I would consider as a “model” client. He wasn’t at 80% compliance rate with our plans, excuses here and there but despite this, he was able to lower his weight for a good 13.9 lbs. Upon checking his after photos I noticed that the visual changes weren’t that apparent yet, while there are a lot of variables to consider as to why that happened, it would be safe to assume that Sol’s non compliance with the plan may have impacted the first month’s result so I gave him the pep talk and true enough it paid off.

This guy didn’t just dominated his 2nd month but he exceeded expectations. The transformation photos you see below speak for themselves. Face, arms and belly all slimmed down with the changes in the tummy area being evident. He truly redeemed himself on his second month and that is okay. I would like everyone to understand that it is okay to fail from time to time. You don’t necessarily have to lose 5-6 lbs in a month. You may lose 2 lbs and that is still progress. Ultimately with a positive mindset, we will be able to change that 2 lbs into something more but I cannot stress the importance of a positive mindset for that to happen.

Sol, I’m proud of you and I’m sure your fellow coscom architect peeps are proud of your transformation too! Keep it up buddy!

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