We have yet to think of anyone who doesn’t like to be in their best shape come their wedding day and our feature today is no different! Ianne struggled with her unhealthy eating habits to which we can safely attribute to her job as a Nurse. Ultimately she managed to find us through the feedback of other soon to weds and the result of that encounter are the photos that you see on this post!

In a span of 3 months, Ianne was able to lose 11 Lbs of quality weight but more than the weight reading itself, it’s actually the huge transformation in her midsection that stood out! If we are to gauge this visually, it’s an easy 2 sizes drop for the waist alone! More importantly, given Ianne’s profession which is high in terms of energy demand, she never felt hungry nor lacking in this aspect. Signs that her plan was accurately computed and crafted! Also, this transformation was from nutritional change alone. Zero workouts were done!

“BER” months is often dreaded due to its association with festivities and food, this should only be a problem if discipline, the right mindset and guidance is nowhere to be found. While most people are stopping their diets to indulge this December, our clients are continuously working smart by reinforcing on their habits further which would allow them to both enjoy the celebrations while still being healthy at the same time!

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