Rock hard abs. This is truly the epitome of success for a lot of people in their fitness journey. But as with everything in life, we can’t just go from point A to point Z. We need to go through the entire process of A-Z and in our 5+ years of experience, most people get lost in these “in between processes” from start til abs and the reason for this is that they’re thinking too far ahead rather than focusing on the here and now as these are the little steps which will eventually tide them through the entire process.

Instead of pushing yourself to rush 20-30 lbs of weight loss in a month, imagine just aiming for that 4-5 lbs of consistent loss month in and out by doing it the right way, soon enough, you’ll be losing 20-30 lbs in 4-5 months. Not only is this more realistically possible but it gives you the much needed momentum to polish on the habits which you would require to get to the finish line. So now, little by little you get to see yourself lose an inch or two on your waist monthly, making you feel that the end goal is nearer than before as opposed to forcing yourself to crash diet and lose weight only to find out that you’re losing muscle mass for the most part which not only will your metabolism weaken, but it will give you loose skin making your body sag.

One look at Dean’s transformation and you can clearly see the quality of his weight loss as a huge chunk of his midsection(belly) has been tapered off. You can also see the improvement in terms of his chest(manboobs) flattening. Overall Dean dropped a solid 2 sizes lower in his trousers and all of this from nutritional change alone.

If you think abs are a bit too far fetch from you then don’t aim for that. Aim for this kind of transformation first because sooner or later, you’ll be lean enough that the thought of having abs won’t be as far fetched as you initially thought and it all boils down to following through the right process.

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