0.5 lbs is often seen as minimal and is what our body can gain from normal weight fluctuations but for someone with BDD or Eating Disorders, this .5 is enough to cause anxiety and worry. This was a common occurrence during Monica’s initial months with us and considering that she’s a bit more on the underweight range, it is important for us to educate her regarding the implications of that weight gain, which for her case is actually a good thing and of course reassurance that just because she gained weight does not exactly mean that she’s going to become fat.

The way we did it is by ensuring that our assurances are always backed with science. We don’t just reassure her that the weight is healthy but we go the extra mile and actually explain the technicalities behind it in layman’s terms. The latter being the most important one as the lack of understanding of how things work is often the reason why we become anxious and worried with just about anything, not just fitness related.

Looking at Monica’s 8 months worth of journey with us, you guys can easily see the improvement in her overall leanness especially with the lower tummy and this is despite her gaining a healthy 2.2 lbs during this time! Not only was she able to overcome the mindset for the most part(as she still has some instances of regress from time to time but nothing as serious as when we were starting) but she’s now embracing healthier eating habits while doing so. Believe it or not, her 8th month plan allows her to have a cheat snack too!

She now has a better mindset when it comes to food and eating, her weight has improved into the healthier range as she was underweight before and of course, the visual improvements to seal the deal and reinforce to her that what she’s doing is actually healthy despite the weight gain.

This is entire possible ONLY through precise nutritional computations and customized coaching. There is a right time to be strict and a right time for Empathy and as a coach you need to know when to be which for the best possible impact to your clients.

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