Tin Catacutan

Tin Catacutan
25 Years Old, Host/Live Voice Artist
Weight Change – 110 lbs to 105 lbs

When clients are asked for their goals, the common answer we get is usually in the form of scale weight. This is usually okay when it comes to those who are overweight or are already obese but it usually isn’t helpful for someone who’s within a healthy range to begin with and such is the case of Tin.

“There’s only so much weight you can lose, a step more would make it unhealthy.”

This is a common reminder we give out to clients, people are so obsessed with weight that they start to forget the real essence of losing “that” weight which is an improvement in their body fat percentages. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need an in-body scan(which is unreliable) nor a caliper to measure that. You simply need to look in front of the mirror and have a look at your midsection. It’s either you get to see it or you don’t, with the latter being an indication of a high body fat percentage.

Our first look into Tin’s before photo and we already knew what she wanted. An overall toned with improvements specifically to her lower tummy area as it’s clearly puffed up as per her before photos(both front and side profile). It didn’t take her long to see progress as exactly after a month from our start, her midsection had significantly improved in terms of leanness. Her lower tummy bloating has been reduced and overall leanness was emphasized as seen in both her front and side profile. Her love handles too were flattened, and we still continue to improve on it even until today.

So what changed? Quite simple! Her food. No it’s not the type of workout she does, it’s not the frequency of her workouts too. It’s simply a change in her nutrition. No Keto, No IF, No hunger, just a change towards proper nutritional protocols.

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