Tricia Morente

Tricia Morente
36 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 154.6 lbs to 144 lbs

Hypothyroidism is another challenging medical condition that we get to handle every now and then and while the level of difficulty would usually depend on how severe the condition is, it is still a nuisance to resolve especially when it comes to weight loss.

When Tricia first approached us, her goals were simple and that is weight loss coupled with an overall improvement of her well-being. Safe to say 6 months into the program and not only did we hit her initial goals but we were able to achieve a lot more than that which we’ll get into in a bit!

Now Tricia, isn’t exactly the most compliant client, but we have to give props to her for trying every month. While the number changes on the scale aren’t much, she was still able to improve on her overall thickness especially in her midsection. What was once a bloated tummy now has lines, outlining the silhouette of her core area! Aside from the changes in her midsection, she is now one size down in her clothes too, plus face is slimmer and this is on top of her being energetic and not having the feeling of being punished as she’s not confined to a particular food group!

Hypothyroidism can be a real nuisance, but this condition does not make it impossible for someone to lose weight. All it takes would be the right guidance and a boatload of determination and you can achieve it too!

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