Tsukiyama Rai

Tsukiyama Rai
22 Years Old, Cosplayer
Weight Change – 150.7 lbs to 145.6 lbs

Before anything else, I just want to clarify that the before photo has a “backpack strap” because Rai was fitting his cosplans during that time.

Well how do I find the words to describe this as “Wow”, “Amazing” and “WTF” seems dull compared to how much Rai’s body has transformed in a span of a month. This is the perfect example of a body recomp. Minimal weight changes but visual changes wise are very much evident.

I don’t really understand as to why people would obsess over scale weight changes, I mean surely you get to chart your results with it but it’s not always accurate nor is it a good indication of your progress. Visual changes on the other hand is INDISPUTABLE. It’s either your body transformed or it didn’t. This is what I always remind my clients to focus on. Inform me of the scale weight changes, but don’t let it demotivate you incase it doesn’t move because thats not the determining factor as to whether or not you’re progressing.

Here at the Architect, while we do take into consideration your knowledge on nutrition and fitness in general, we highly encourage you to park those info for a while and try to open your mind into our methodology. Our results don’t lie. We have no reason to delay your progress or to harm you. It is in our best interest to ensure that our clients improve at the soonest possible time utilizing the most efficient ways possible.

There’s a reason as to why people all over the world trust us. Philippines, Emirates, Singapore, Canada, United States, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Qatar and soon Austria.

Rai, you made me proud. Keep inspiring brother!

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