31 years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 178 lbs to 144 lbs

Jericho has officially graduated from the architect program after staying with us for 3 months! What a fitting feature right after his wife got featured about a few days back.

What you’re seeing below is OUR definition of dad bod. It was a pleasure working with such a dedicated and hardworking client! Let Jericho’s transformation be a reminder to all the other guys out there who are using “Fatherhood” as an excuse to stay unhealthy, that it’s not too late to change nor is it impossible. It won’t take a lot of time too if you put your heart into it. Jericho, just like a majority of you guys is also a working father and yet he makes time to prepare his meals together with his wife, and ensures that he gets to eat them on time.

We are very much proud of you Jericho! Keep inspiring and stay awesome!

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