Vera Pinera

Vera Pinera
26 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 123.4 lbs to 117.5 lbs

Vera came into our program with a “full on” mindset and while this isn’t necessarily bad for our nutritional compliance. It certainly was a problem when it comes to overall progress as she was keen on working out every day! When asked as to why this was the case, her only reply was “I got used to it”.

Working out everyday is a common misconception which has been disseminated by incompetent coaches and fake fitness influencers and absorbed by many as factual when the opposite holds true. It takes 24-48 hours for the body to recover after a workout and as such, you are at risk of overtraining when you get to do it everyday. This then could cause muscle breakdown and as you guys would know by now, the lower the muscle mass, the weaker the metabolism.

Believe it or not, the very first thing we told Vera upon learning of this particular mindset of hers was to stop working out completely as her issue is nutritional by nature. While shocked at first, she placed her trust into our program and eventually bargained to working out 3x a week. If you get to look at her visuals, not only did her waist and curves got emphasized but her abs are out as well as clearly seen in her side profile! The most rewarding thing for us coaching staff aren’t the visual changes but more on the change in her mindset.

Vera’s transformation is our biggest “I told you so” to everyone with a “full on” workout attitude. However, we are all winners in this transformation story as not only do we get to inspire others to change their mindset but we also get to debunk this common myth regarding working out every day.

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