Vivienne Nerisse

Vivienne Nerisse
29 Years Old, Administrative Assistant
Weight Change – 200.2 lbs to 171.6 lbs

We are exactly 18 days until our first anniversary and as promised, we will be releasing more exciting transformations and announcements as we approach April 6! Kindly stay tuned for that.

Viv here is part of Team Architect UAE, and once again they’ve done it again. Since time immemorial these folks from the UAE have delivered outstanding results and Vivienne’s transformation right here is definitely going up there as one of the best if not THE BEST so far. She lost 28.6 lbs in a little over a month and it clearly shows in her transformation photos! I’m actually at a loss for words as to how to better describe her transformation as I couldn’t be more proud.

Allow me this opportunity to explain the realities of online coaching. People often think it’s just someone writing a bunch of instructions down through chat or through emails, send and it’s done. Easy money right?

WRONG.(The unethical ones who claim to be “coaches” do it that way)

The challenge with online coaching is that you have to be knowledgeable with both Nutrition and Workout as they go hand in hand. I’m talking about actually BEING knowledgeable and not just through hearsays. Then the next challenge is to actually make sure that your clients are always motivated as distance can be a wall to that especially if your clients don’t get to see you. How can you ensure that your clients don’t cheat? Next comes form correction, how in the world can you correct their form virtually speaking? Well we’ve done everything I’ve listed and a whole lot more. As more and more coaches are exploring the online coaching scene, be very vigilant with the ones you pick. ALWAYS look at the results they provide not as to who they are or what kind of body they have.

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