Sol Occiano

Sol Occiano 29 Years Old, Cosplay Photographer Weight Change – 213 lbs to 186 lbs As The Architect PH’s Anniversary draws closer this coming April 6, we will be showcasing a bunch of good news and announcements in the coming weeks! Of course, transformation stories will always be part of this and so stay tuned as [Read More…]


Klaire Calma

Klaire Calma 26 Years Old, Teacher Weight Change – 167 lbs to 155 lbs I don’t know if it’s pure coincidence or my previous clients had set the bar so high that the new ones are obsessed with making sure that they hit their goals in the shortest span of time possible. While I always [Read More…]


Anonymous Rita

Anonymous “Rita” 27 Years Old, Baker Weight Change – 268.4 lbs to 231 lbs I don’t usually post before/after photos with a different “before” angle but I made an exception considering the enormity of the weight she managed to shed off. Rita, just like the many other clients I’ve handled tried various methods for weight [Read More…]